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Some collector's website

Volker Putz Lighter Collection (VPLC)
The Lighter Library
Dirk's collection: This is a great page of a german and friend collector
Vintage collector lighters
Really great lighter's collection. It contains really rare pieces.
Lighterclub UK. They produce also an awesome quarterly magazine around old lighters
A vey large Dunhill collection
Ibelo Homepage
A German lighters collector
A Czech Republich collection
A really good blog around table lighters. Great information and well structured
History of the Ronson Lighter
The best striker site and collection
This is awesome Evans collection
Lighter collecting
French lighter collection
Great German Collection von Broesan
The Lighterhouse (Online lighter Shop and repair in The Netherlands)
The book on the history of the Bengali lighter

Other interesting Links:

Silver Hallmark
Flashlight collection, repair and batteries
Search for patents
German patent information system